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With specific exceptions, all services are currently provided virtually. As part of a dynamic practice, opportunities to work in-home or outdoors are considered when appropriate.

Child therapy
Group therapy
Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Individual Therapy

While my specialization is in child, youth, and family therapy, I am just as passionate about helping individuals. Men are especially encouraged to participate in therapy.

Child and Youth Therapy

This service includes children and youth from the age of five years old. Parents or primary caregivers of young children are required to participate in therapy as well.

Family Therapy

Family therapy honours the importance of family and provides space for open communication, understanding, and conflict resolution. Relationships and parenting are two common areas addressed in family therapy.

Couples Therapy

This service is open to couples that are dating, cohabitating, common-law, engaged, or married. The goal of couples therapy is to strengthen relationships through communication. Same sex couples are just as welcome.

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